The price per entry £195 +VAT. The deadline for entering is 27th April 2018

If you are looking to enter but not really to start your entries yet then please let us know your plans and register your interest.

Best Association Conference

This award is given to the most successful association conference and judges will be looking for experience; financial success; effectiveness of marketing; and stakeholder satisfaction.

Best Association Exhibition

Judges are looking for the association that has run the most successful exhibition over the last year. If you have wowed your sponsors, exhibitors and members then this is the category for you!

Best Networking Event

Demonstrate how you engaged your membership and how facilitating connections delivered new opportunities or elicited great feedback.

Best Association Website

Websites are your shop-window – have you overhauled your functionality or user experience to good effect? Or perhaps you record great or improved traffic figures & visitor dwell-time?

Best Association Magazine

Awarded to the best print magazine published by an association, to win this category you will need to demonstrate innovation and creativity. Positive client feedback and an increase in circulation will also score highly!

Best Association Newsletter

This can be a print or e-newsletter. Judges will be examining the creativity and quality of the information you provide your subscribers. You must also demonstrate that the newsletter advances the aims of your association.

Best Membership Communication

Did you keep up an effective dialogue with your members? Did you listen to and incorporate their views? Did your members recommend you to their colleagues? If so, you should enter this category.

Best Use of Social Media

Judges are looking for associations that integrated Social Media fully into both the marketing and running of their event. Effective use of different platforms and success in meeting the goals you set for yourselves will also be considered.

Best PR Campaign

This award looks at the design and execution of the whole campaign. Judges will examine the range of media used and consider if the campaign met its aims and objectives.

Best Advancement of a Cause

Has your association undertaken a particularly strong campaign stance that has been effective in soliciting or achieving change?  Have you influenced policy / public perceptions / press reporting or raised awareness of an issue integral to your association’s aims and objectives?

Best Membership Initiative by an Association

Membership is the life-blood of any association and achieving your aims and ambitions can only happen if you nurture, sustain and extend your reach. Demonstrate any successful initiatives you have undertaken to achieve this.


Best Campaign by an Association Agency / Consultancy

This can be entered by either the parent association or the agency on a campaign that has demonstrated excellent understanding and execution of the original brief and tangible results.

Best Certification Programme

This award is given to an association conceived Certification Programme that has succeeded in raising standards within your particular industry / sector.

Best Association Partnership or Collaboration

This award is given to an outstanding partnership or collaboration which has enabled an association to deliver more than they could on their own.

Best Commercial Initiative

Have you undertaken a commercial initiative that has realised proven benefits for your association  – if so, then this category is the one to boast about your achievements.

Best CSR Initiative

Aside from the benefits of CSR to the organisation it can also have a wider positive impact – here is the space to herald your successes in this area.

Most Innovative Development by an Association

Sometimes a small simple idea can change the way people work for the better – not just in one company but across an industry. Have you challenged perceived industry norms or tied and tested new approaches which have delivered successes?

Best Venue for Association Events

Submissions to this category will need to illustrate how their first class and flexible facilities serve the needs of their Association customers. Attention will also be paid to excellence in customer service; pre-event support; competitive pricing; catering and outstanding venue amenities.

Best Association Team

Are you part of an outstanding team? Do you think the skill and dedication of your team members should be recognised? If so, then enter this category.

Best Leadership of an Association

Communicating an exciting vision for the association, mapping a clear path for its future and engaging the workforce to deliver this effectively will score highly with the judges.

Overall Best Association

This award will be given to the Association that shows excellence in all areas of its remit. Judges will look for a clear strategy, workforce and member engagement, a proven track record and excellence in management.



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