Best Association Magazine – under 20,000 circulation

British Dietetic Association – Dietetics Today

Successfully increased Trade Union engagement and increased member ballot participation.

Our Dec/Jan edition of Dietetics Today was a special Union-themed edition, focussing heavily on our Trade Union’s important role in protecting fair pay in the NHS, in advance of predicted upcoming ballots to accept/reject NHS pay offers we required our members engagement in.

As a result of this edition, which received recognition by the TUC, we received increased member engagement in our May 2018 Trade Union Pay Ballot, with over 1200 members (16% of members in England) participating, an increase of 2-3% on previous ballots.

Successfully recognising, rewarding and activating our member volunteers.

Dietetics Today ran a volunteer awareness campaign which aimed to recognise and reward our volunteers for their contribution to the Association whilst showcasing and promoting the ways other members could get involved.

DT ‘Meet our Volunteers’ interview articles were very popular and well received, both from the volunteers who appreciated being thanked and interviewed on their experiences, but also in increasing our total active member volunteers (now at over 1000 = 10% of our membership). We further rewarded our volunteers with thank-you cards, an initiative which is highly regarded by the membership which we will continue.

British Independent Retailers Association – bira Membership Magazine

bira’s membership magazine is vital reading for the independent retailer.

The flagship magazine of the British Independent Retailers Association (bira) is sent to over 5000 independent retail business owners and suppliers.

It is packed with great writing, new ideas, insightful data and genuine thought leadership that give readers the inspiration, information and authority they need to succeed in our changing and challenging retail world.

It demonstrates real membership value; as a means for sourcing advice, support, savings and services. It signposts members towards exciting events and exhibitions, new products and suppliers. And it ensures readers are well informed on the latest matters of legislation and compliance affecting their business.

bira’s membership magazine is a compelling, fresh and relevant read.

Chartered Institute of Public Relations – Influence

A magazine for professional communicators is always going to be subject to intense scrutiny. So we have to work hard to make Influence magazine one worth listening to – packed with insight and innovation, and an example of best practice in itself.

In 2016, Influence magazine was introduced as a key member benefit by the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) with the ambition of its becoming the UK’s most authoritative public relations journal – in print and online. It has succeeded with a range of exclusives and innovations that have even been recognised by the mainstream media.

Within the past 12 months, the Influence cover became a video using augmented reality and an app; George Osborne was persuaded to grant the title his first major interview about becoming the editor of the Evening Standard; and Barbie became an Influence cover star complete with her own mini membership magazine.

The result? The BBC Today programme has referenced Influence content; web traffic for the Influence website has doubled to its highest ever levels; and – crucially – CIPR member retention is greater than at any point in the past five years, with members describing the magazine as a ‘must-read’.

Federation of Holistic Therapists – International Therapist

International Therapist (IT) is the official membership magazine of the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT), a professional association for complementary, holistic beauty and sports therapists.  The magazine is primarily distributed to 15,000 FHT members, but is also sent to select organisations, educational establishments and individuals with an interest in therapy training, practice and integrated healthcare. Its key purposes are to inform, educate, support and inspire members, while at the same time reinforcing the benefits of FHT membership.

IEMA (formerly known as the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment) – TRANSFORM

TRANSFORM is the official print magazine of IEMA (formerly known as the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment) – an international membership organisation committed to global sustainability. It is complemented by a bespoke website: and a fortnightly newsletter providing a roundup of news stories published daily on the website and circulated via social media outlets.

Institute of Internal Communication – Voice

Voice is the quarterly publication for Institute of Internal Communication (IoIC) members. Voice is rich in practical, useful content for IC practitioners, with in-depth features, key research and viewpoints from around the industry. It is an essential tool for internal communicators to gain knowledge about their work, consider fresh approaches to engagement, and talk openly to their peers – sharing experiences and solutions to common issues.

Through honest reflections and opposing points of view, Voice tackles the good, the bad and the ugly of internal communication. It highlights the fast-changing reputation of the sector – one that has many challenges in engaging employees and advising leaders on strategic topics, but is also rich in rewards. With the workplace, in whatever form it takes, central to all employees’ lives, internal communication has the power to make a positive difference.

Voice supports IoIC’s wider aim of motivating IC practitioners, developing their skills and insight, and presenting internal communication as a career of choice.

Pensions Management Institute – Pensions Aspects

In order to modernise our magazine – in an industry which has typically been given a blanket image of a grim, navy blue world – and to achieve a key objective of improving learning and insight for members, we rebranded our magazine ‘PMI News’ to ‘Pensions Aspects’.

The redesign was energising and modern, adopting a cheeky style out of kilter with traditional pensions titles. We also launched a new event, ‘Pensions Aspects Live’, and a Pensions Aspects e-newsletter to support our objectives of modernisation and improving insight.

The key outcomes from our reader survey were as follows:

• The magazine was rated the best publication as a means of staying informed about the industry, above seven other industry publications including Professional Pensions and Pensions Age.
• In combination with its quarterly supplement, Pensions Technical News, it was also rated the most useful member benefit.
• 75% rated the new look and feel as excellent to good
• 80% rated the new layout as excellent to good
• 90% rated the relevance of content as excellent to good
• 98% rated the feature articles very useful to quite useful
• 77% rated the news as very useful to quite useful

Self Storage Association UK – Self Storage Focus

The Self storage Focus magazine has been completely overhauled to become more relevant to readers by providing only industry relevant content written by industry experts. It provides a balanced mix of industry information and news, with features on new stores and genuine business improvement articles. Readership of the magazine has doubled in 5 years, as has the size of the magazine and the level of advertising. Each issue has content that is relevant to store managers, general managers and business owners to gain maximum readership and exposure to our advertisers. We see our magazine on staff desks and reception areas in self storage stores all over Europe so we now it is being read.

The Chartered College of Teaching – Impact

Launched in May 2017, Impact is the Chartered College of Teaching’s principal means of sharing evidence of outstanding practice and expertise with teachers and is providing the vehicle for teachers to share their insights, ideas and evidence of successful practice with others via publishing their best work.

Impact is for teachers – for professionals on the ground, in classrooms today. There is no publication available that bridges the gap between what the research is telling us about effective education and how this is applied in the classroom, what matters for teachers and what will actually make a difference, written by both academics and teachers.