Overall Best Association – under 1000 members

British Toy & Hobby Association

The British Toy & Hobby Association (BTHA) protects and promotes the interests of responsible British toy manufacturers and raise standards of practice in the industry across all areas of the toy business. The past 12 months have been particularly successful for the BTHA across various areas including public affairs, toy safety, events as well as promoting the value of play. In the current uncertain climate for the industry, the Association has successfully promoted its members’ interests at government level, feeding into various consultations on Brexit, as well as increasing its activities to combat the increasing issue of counterfeit and copycat toys. The BTHA Training Hub was launched to train members on new regulations and industry issues and once again the Association ensured the smooth running of yet another sold-out Toy Fair – the UK’s largest dedicated toy, games and hobby trade exhibition. The BTHA also administers the industry’s charity, the Toy Trust, which celebrated its 25th anniversary in the past 12 months and raised a total of £337,519 throughout the year for a variety of children’s charities in the UK and overseas, as well as 19 specialist children’s hospitals in the UK.

Builders Merchants Federation

With a clear mission to support members with training and development, business services, access to market data, networking opportunities and political representation, the BMF continues to grow in strength, vitality and influence.

2017 was another an outstanding year for the Builders Merchants Federation.

• A record year for membership

– Up 12% – the sixth successive year of growth, a 98% increase over that period, and a 23 year high at 640 members
– BMF represents over 80% of UK merchant trade
– Membership extends beyond UK for first time – all 17 members of AMBA, Ireland’s leading independent merchant buying group joined in 2017

• Record levels of member satisfaction

– 95% would recommend BMF to others
– 93% say BMF is member focused and engaged
– 89% Merchant members prominently display BMF logo
– 86% Supplier members highlight BMF’s positive reputation in the market place
– 74% highlight BMF’s influence with regulators and policy makers

• Income up 26%

– 148% increase in operating surplus since 2015

• £200,000 raised for charity

– A record sum raised for BMF’s 2017 charity partners, the Teenage Cancer Trust and our own industry charity, the Rainy Day Trust

Carpet Foundation

Founded in 1999, we undertook a root and branch review in 2014 which resulted in a new funding structure and the ‘Be Seen Be Found Be Visible’ initiative for our retail members to ensure they joined the digital revolution. The result is that 20 years on we are still going strong; the independent carpet retailer has survived; carpet holds its own against other floorcoverings; carpet is now regularly written about and featured in magazines and is no longer the Cinderella of household goods.

We have achieved what we set out to do.

Charity Retail Association

We are a non-for-profit membership organisation and the only body in the UK that represents the interests of charity retailers. Our members run more than 8,600 shops between them.

Generating more than £270m per year in funds and harnessing the skills of more than 230,000 volunteers nationwide, charity retail promotes charitable causes and an environmentally sustainable retail experience.

We work to:

1. Influence and monitor legislation and regulations that affect charity retailing.
2. Promote the benefits of charity retailing to the environment, the community and to charity.
3. Be the major source of expertise and up-to-date information on issues affecting the charity retail sector.
4. Promote good practice.
5. Work closely with other relevant organisations to support our members.

Our vision is a successful charity retail sector in the UK, actively promoted and supported by us.

Credit Services Association

The Credit Services Association (CSA), the voice of the debt collection and debt purchase sectors, has made significant strides in representing and promoting its members and the essential role they play in the UK economy. The professional work of its members has been advanced recently with new training and development, revisions to the CSA Code of Practice, extensive lobbying, working not only with individual Government departments and Ministers but also like-minded trade associations and relevant charities to deliver a collective voice where appropriate. It has steadily begun to shift the perception of debt collection to reflect the true nature of the industry and the actions of its members who return more than [£3 billion] to the UK economy every year. Perhaps its greatest achievement is the lead it has taken in tackling vulnerability, being the first in the financial services sector to introduce ‘true’ TCF including a voluntary breathing space within its Code. It was also instrumental in working with Government to remove the insistence on using the Debt & Mental Health Evidence Form. It has achieved the fine balancing act of recognising the commercial realities of its members’ needs, with the need to genuinely improve the customer experience.

Wine and Spirit Trade Association

2017 and into 2018 have been a time of significant challenges for the alcohol trade. From the uncertainty created by the developing Brexit negotiations, a surprise general election and subsequent hung Parliament, to two Budgets dealing with alcohol duty just 8 months apart, the last 18 months have been turbulent and unpredictable. However, throughout these difficult times the WSTA has worked tirelessly for its members, keeping them informed of developments both at home and abroad, campaigning on their behalf within Westminster and the Devolved regions, and ensuring that the trade’s voice is loud and clear in both the trade and national media on issues such as alcohol duty and Brexit. The work undertaken by the WSTA in 2017 and into 2018 has been broad and deep in scope, and has ensured that WSTA members are championed by our organisation. Alcohol duty has been frozen a particular achievement for the wine sector. The efforts of WSTA staff have also ensured that our organisation has maintained a consistent and clear presence in the media, voicing the concerns of our members with regards to Brexit. The WSTA is well placed to build on 2017’s success in 2018.