Best Association Team

Chartered Association of Business Schools

The Chartered Association of Business Schools is a small organisation of just ten people, serving the most popular subject area of higher education in the UK. The current team has transformed the financial position and reputational standing of the Association over the last three years. The effort, determination and passion of every member of the team, alongside effective strategic planning, has seen the organisation exceed every other performance measure year on year.

As a team, we knew we had to become more professional, more efficient, more engaged with our members, and focused on delivering them services they value. This was crucial in establishing a secure financial position and increasing our reputation. The team have undergone a significant change programme in our operations across a number of key areas in order to achieve this. These areas are: membership engagement; communications and events; research and lobbying; and finances.

Chartered Institute of Public Relations – Finance Team

The CIPR Finance Team have worked closely together to resolve a series of major challenges; learning as a team, they have supported each other and grown into a source of strength for the organisation, giving it confidence for its future.

Coeliac UK – Membership and Marketing Team

Like many patient charities attracting and retaining membership is hard. Coeliac UK is a patient charity devoted to improving the lives of people who need to live without gluten. We’ve been around since 1968 – 2018 is our 50th Anniversary year. Coeliac disease is a serious lifelong autoimmune condition. The only treatment is to stop eating gluten.

The charity has played a vital role in providing support to people with the condition and in particular the only directory of safe gluten free foods. But things have changed a lot in the last 50 years with the expansion of gluten free products in retail and food service as well as the introduction of food labelling laws making it easier to live gluten free. The need to join membership to access the directory of safe foods has diminished over time.

The membership team looked at what could change. Working with the marketing team, our new brand was developed to be more modern and inclusive. We stopped treating all members as the same irrespective of their needs and we improved engagement communications and service provision.

The new approach saw first year retention rise and overall retention stabilise. Old members have come back.

Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

Founded in 1996 by Garry and June Carter, the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers has gone from strength to strength with a membership of over 100,000, spanning across 103 countries. The ICB UK team has grown in the last six months, taking on new members of staff across several departments while also maintaining the intimacy of a family-run business.

We are resourceful, diligent and understanding. While we are all committed to our duties, there is also never a dull moment in the office as we believe that a positive working environment yields successful results. We believe that the ICB team is truly second to none!

Self Storage Association UK

Organising the major annual industry event can be challenging at the best of times. However when you get a 25% uptake on delegates and they all register 2 weeks before the event when there is no time to hire extra staff it makes it even more difficult to manage. Add in some extraordinary complications like delegates bags and name tags not being delivered and medical emergencies and this team of staff really went above and beyond not just to keep the event afloat but to make it a huge success. They worked together exceptionally well, complimenting each others strengths and weaknesses, work shopping problems and finding efficient solutions. The experience resulted in them working better as a better team on the whole.

The Federation of Microbiological Societies – The FEMS Team

The Federation of European Microbiological Societies (FEMS) is a scholarly society that represents microbiologists to encourage and enable scientific excellence across Europe. The FEMS team is a small, dynamic, and versatile team that works to make an impact, disproportionate to our size. We have grown and developed into a professional and motivated team applying our skills to deliver real change and improvement. Our work complements the strategic direction and academic leadership provided by our non-executive Board of Trustees. We now achieve increased and more diverse activities at a more professional level than ever before.

Our goal now is to continue this and further develop our skills and the ability of our Members to produce and share excellent science. We aim to become inspirational leaders within our field and demonstrate innovation, leadership and professionalization to our Members and the scholarly society sector as a whole.

The Institution of Engineering and Technology – FIRST® LEGO® League International Open Championship Team

The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) are proud to be the UK and Ireland operational partners for FIRST® LEGO® League, a global science and technology competition. The FIRST® LEGO® League International Open Championship (IOC), which took place from the 21-25 June 2017, was the largest and most globally diverse event the IET has ever hosted.

The IET’s Education 5-19 team, Membership and Professional Development Marketing team, and in-house video team, as well as countless volunteers, came together to deliver this phenomenal event.

Geared towards ages 9-16, the programme aligns with our objective to inspire young people and create the next generation of engineers. Teams around the world compete in regional and national tournaments within their own countries, with the award-winning teams qualifying for one of three international events. The IET host the UK and Ireland national final every year and taking on the global final was a huge step up. As the world’s largest STEM competition, we were delighted to accept the opportunity to host the global final in the UK.

The IOC required a combination of FIRST® LEGO® League expertise, insight into the education sector and marketing/creative support and our team delivered across all of these areas.

The Law Society of Scotland – Careers and Outreach Team

The Law Society of Scotland is the professional body for over 11,000 Scottish solicitors. With our overarching objective of leading legal excellence, we strive to excel and to be a world-class professional body, understanding and serving the needs of our members and the public.

The Careers and Outreach team at the Society is a small team tasked with a big role – namely to ensure every person entering the legal profession has made an informed choice about this route; understands their career options; and to ensure the brightest and best people choose a career in law. Within this, the team works to achieve the aspiration that everyone who has the talent and drive to become a solicitor can do, regardless of financial circumstances.

The team has a particular focus on tackling social mobility, through its schools programmes, which include Street Law and a national debating tournament, and has recently established a charity, the Lawscot Foundation to provide bursaries and mentors to talented students form disadvantaged backgrounds. The team also focuses on providing proactive careers support, including a large online platform, visits to universities and schools and a career mentoring programme for the legal profession.