Best Association Website

Association of British Insurers –

The Association of British (ABI) speaks on behalf of the entire insurance and long-term savings industry, so as well as delivering valuable content for our members we also provide general, unbiased insurance advice for customers and consumers; offer information and guidance for government departments, MPs and various stakeholders; reach out to potential employees and those looking to work in the insurance industry; as well as putting out news articles, blogs and statements for finance and insurance journalists.

We use our website to promote the human side – and human value – of insurance. It is our main tool in demonstrating how we add value for our members, as it enables us to clearly evidence our work, showing how we are working for them in the public sphere to drive real-world changes and outcomes.

What makes our website so unique is that we are always trying new things and looking for more ways to be innovative with our content. We’re not afraid to try a new approach when sharing our message, with projects such as new our employer brand video and award winning #IPTsUnfair campaign being reflective of our creative, human approach.

British Independent Retailers Association –

For the past 119 years, bira has been in the corner of independent retailers across all kinds of industries. Over that time we’ve built a support team committed to the continuing success of every business we work with. We work with thousands of independent businesses and it’s our goal to make every member feel supported, informed and inspired. Whilst the market at times can be tough bira’s stance is to help provide our members with a one-stop-shop of digital tools, resources, information and ease of online accessibility to keep their business thriving in the current market.

After undergoing a complete rebrand in 2016, we were already starting to see a steady rise in page views, user journey longevity and engagement time of our users by the time of the beginning of 2017 struck – but we didn’t want to stop there – we were ready for Phase 2 of of our digital development. The question we wanted our digital footprint to answer was – where can I go online to have an experience which is perfectly catered to me and my business needs, and offers me information and opportunities I can’t find anywhere else?

Builders Merchants Federation –

The new Builders Merchants Federation website was launched in April 2017, following member research which highlighted challenges within our previous site and provided greater understanding of different requirements within our membership.

The new site has Impressive statistics, far higher usage, a massive increase in returning visitors and positive feedback from members confirms that the new BMF website has achieved its objectives, and, with continuous development, will serve to engage BMF members for many years to come.

BMF Members have been hugely appreciative. The quotes below are typical.

• “New website looks great – crisp and clear and easy to find your way around. Just what we needed!” (Sinead Bishop, Sydenhams)
• “The website is looking fantastic and a credit to all the hard work put in!” (Aaron Frogley, Pavestone)

European Society of Paediatric Endocrinology –

The European Society for Paediatric Endocrinology (ESPE) is a membership organisation with over 1200 members. ESPE is an international organization aiming to improve clinical care of children and adolescents with hormone-related conditions, including diabetes, through research and education.

ESPE’s website is a key tool for contacting members, registering for events, accessing clinical guidance, and receiving the latest community news.

While the importance and opportunity of redeveloping the ESPE website was keenly recognised as a strategic priority, the large amount of financial investment and external expertise required was a daunting prospect.

Over a 12-month period Bioscientifica worked with ESPE and web agency Moore-Wilson to redevelop the website to improve accessibility of content, simplifying key processes and optimising for mobile use. The project, involved around 40 ESPE members to specify requirements to inform the site’s development.

What’s more, the project was an opportunity to establish a stronger brand for the Society that truly reflected its current work as well as its vision.

Following its relaunch, the website received excellent feedback from users; number of unique users has increased by almost 40%. What is more, the redevelopment has paved the way for further strategic projects, empowered members and inspired confidence within the organisation.

Nautilus International –

Nautilus’s new website officially launched on International Workers’ Day on 1 May 2018. The previous was two years old and in need of not just a refresh, but a complete overhaul to allow it to provide key information on the Union to users, including its 22,000 members from the UK, Netherlands and Switzerland.

As a maritime trade union with a global reach, the Union’s members accessed the old website from all over the world. A more responsive, agile and efficient website was much needed to allow international seafarers to access information, no matter if they’re in Southampton, or the South China Sea.

In keeping members connected to the Union, especially given a substantial number of the Union’s members work at sea, the website serves as a lifeline, helping to alleviate feelings of isolation and providing valuable information for those who require assistance whilst working away from home.

At a time when those on land can access anything and contact anyone in the world at the touch of a button from a device in their pocket, many vessels still only provide basic communication for seafarers and Nautilus needed to create a solution which helped seafarers stay connected.

Royal Institute of British Architects – is the primary website for the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), providing content and services for our members and wider specialist and public audiences. was relaunched in May 2017 following an extensive project to improve the content, structure, services and technology.

The website is a vital tool for practising architects, providing insight, guidance and exclusive resources to members on subjects which matter most; including procurement, planning and fire safety. It is also a promotional platform for our members, increasing awareness of individual practices, through our awards and popular directory service, as well as promoting the value and benefits of using an architect for projects of all sizes.

The website balances the needs of its members and specialist audiences, who require support from the institute, with the needs of a public audience, who visit to be inspired by RIBA’s industry-leading awards or engaged with RIBA’s internationally significant architectural collections.

The website is now a key channel for advancing the RIBA’s purpose to drive excellence in architecture and has transformed our approach to communicating with our members and wider audiences.