British Coatings Federation – Minutes Matter

For decades, the red phone box has been a part of our national heritage, but in a world of smartphones, it has lost its purpose. There are thousands of red phone boxes in the UK that have been decommissioned and are falling into ruin but, through our campaign, these derelict red phone boxes are transformed, with a lifesaving purpose. In partnership with the Community Heartbeat Trust (CHT), and through the donation of iconic red paint from members, BCF helps restore unused and unwanted telephone boxes, which are converted into kiosks to house defibrillators. In 2019, that campaign hit a new milestone, with 500 total telephone boxes now restored and converted in rural locations across the UK. BCF members join the campaign, by donating red paint to renovate and transform the kiosks back to their former glory.

Law Society of Scotland – Wellbeing

In 2018 the Law Society of Scotland launched Lawscot Wellbeing, a campaign to promote mental wellbeing throughout the legal profession in Scotland. The first event happened in May 2018 during Mental Health Awareness Week. At the heart of the campaign is a resource centre which offers practical advice for our members and signposts where they can get additional support from. The campaign has included regular articles in the Scottish legal sector media and numerous speaking engagements both among the profession and other organisation. Currently we are carrying out the largest mental welfare survey of the profession. Working with our partners in the mental health charity sector and legal firms in the profession, our aim is to move mental wellbeing from a campaign to cultural norm and to that end, we have taken a number of measures in our own organisation such as introducing mental wellbeing first aiders and integrating into line management training. Although our strategy is long term, we are encouraged by the response to date as evidence of the positive impact that the campaign is having on the profession.

Law Society – Solicitor Brand Campaign 2018

The Law Society is the professional body for solicitors in England and Wales. Our role is to protect the reputation of the solicitor profession and promote the use of solicitors above other sources of legal advice. Our ‘Solicitors. Here to Help’ campaign – a multi-channel campaign using online and outdoor advertising, VOD and YouTube advertising, regional and business press advertising, and social media activity – reached millions of people nationally and exceeded 92% of our KPIs. With a budget of just £400K, our 2017/18 campaign reached 4.1 million people through rail advertising, 76.9 million passengers through London Underground advertising, and garnered 9.1 million social media impressions.

National Landlords Association – Raising Awareness of County Lines Gangs

The National Landlords Association is supporting the Home Office with their ongoing campaign to raise awareness of County Lines and the impact is has on those living and working in the private rented sector. Landlords have responsibilities in the fight against crime, but few are aware of the extent of these.

‘County lines’ is a term for urban gangs supplying drugs to suburban areas, market and coastal towns, using dedicated mobile phone lines and getting children and vulnerable people to courier drugs and money. These gangs often use rental properties as a base for their activities.

We’re using our communications channels to target our members and other landlords to raise awareness and decrease the number of privately rented property used for criminal activity.

Police Federation of England and Wales – Protect the Protectors

Can you imagine going to work and getting assaulted? Coming home with two black eyes on Christmas Day?
Our Protect the Protectors campaign changed the law not just for police officers, but for all emergency service workers, getting harsher sentences for those who assault them. Our research found that officers were being subjected to a high volume of assaults but were just accepted as ‘part of the job. ’ An estimated 2.4 million assaults were happening each year – an officer was being assaulted every four minutes. Our Protect the Protectors campaign was launched – to gain better protection for officers; to change the law and get greater penalties, and to get officers to accept being assaulted is not part of the job. Working with other emergency services and using real life cases studies, our integrated campaign used owned and earned channels to tell emotive stories from those who had been beaten, stamped on, stabbed and punched. From those who had their teeth knocked out. Their hair pulled out. Their bodies slashed, scratched and stabbed. Left bruised, broken and hospitalised. For just trying to protect the public. In November 2018 the Assaults on Emergency Workers (Offences) Act became law.

RTPI – Diversity and Equality

In 2015, a report into levels of diversity within British businesses positioned town planning at the bottom of a list of professions. Trudi Elliott, RTPI chief executive at the time, tasked us to look at fresh ways to address the issue. Following consultation with the RTPI, we wanted to do two key things:

– Demonstrate how The Planner had evolved to reflect the importance of the diversity debate to the sector.
– Deliver a new campaign initiative that crystallised this issue both to The Planner’s 23,000 print audience and to a far wider audience of interested parties in the built environment professions online.

We know we’re on the right track and will stay on it. We have a genuine commitment to addressing inequality and prejudice – whether intentional or not – in the planning profession, and doing our bit to redress the balance.

Railway Industry Association – Campaigning for Rail Sectoral Growth

The Railway Industry Association (RIA) represents 280+ companies in the rail supply community. Over the past two years, RIA has revitalised its Public Affairs and lobbying activity over the past few years, and is now lobbying effectively for sectoral growth. It has done so through key campaigns covering rail funding, electrification, and by showcasing the value of the sector to MPs. These campaigns have helped promote the rail supply community to politicians, the media and key stakeholders, ensuring that those that build, maintain and enhance the UK railway system have their voices heard by key decision makers.

thirtyone:eight – Safeguarding children and vulnerable adults

Since our conception as the Churches’ Child Protection Advisory Service, 40 years ago, our offering has hugely evolved but this wasn’t reflected in our branding and positioning. We were getting lost in the conversation and struggling to recruit new members due to people’s preconceptions based on our name. We knew we needed a radical change and a rebranding, relaunch campaign strategy that would accurately reflect the cause, who we are, what we do and enable us to ultimately protect more children and vulnerable people.