British Dietetic Association  – Andy Burman 

Andy has led the BDA for over 15 years and created significant business growth and organisational impact, ensuring the organisation proves fit for purpose and is now an award winning and internationally recognized association. Andy has adopted an empowering style of leadership and management whereby staff own and lead all major developments. Under his leadership the senior management team have a blend of external roles, including director and trustee roles on national and local bodies, leadership roles within the TUC and key staff being part of wider networks with peers in the association sector. This creates more joined up thinking and knowledge sharing, and the contribution of best practice knowledge to the BDA from outside.

Builders Merchants Federation  – John Newcomb

The Builders Merchants Federation (BMF) story over the past seven years has been one of increasing success and John Newcomb, BMF CEO, has played an instrumental role .John has developed a highly capable team to service the interests of the BMF’s rapidly growing membership He has overseen the introduction of a raft of initiatives designed to broaden the BMF’s relevance and appeal and add real value to members’ businesses These have contributed to membership diversification and a 101% growth in member numbers. John has also taken a proactive stance to ensure the voice of merchants and building materials suppliers is heard by policy makers at national and local level In his role as President of UFEMAT, the European Association of National Builders Merchants Associations and Manufacturers, John is determined to ensure that the ties between UK merchants and our European partners remain as strong as ever. Having faced a financial deficit in 2012, when John joined, today the BMF is in an excellent position of financial strength with a healthy balance of income from subscription (45%), and training, commercial events and services (55%) The leadership of John Newcomb lies behind this success.

British Retail Consortium – Helen Dickinson

The British Retail Consortium is the leading industry body for retail. Their members employ over 1.5 million people in the UK – over half the industry. Working closely with the members, the BRC drives positive change to create an economic and policy environment that enables retailers to thrive and consumers to benefit. In the last twelve months they have expanded their membership which now includes many digital businesses such as ASOS, eBay and Amazon; collaborated with trade organisations to influence thinking on Brexit, Strong Customer Authentication and retail crime; launched the BRC Retail Leadership and Management Apprenticeships; and acquired OSS Retail, allowing us to create leadership development programmes. And the numbers don’t lie. Their latest CEO survey gave a net promoter score of +24; social media following is up across all channels; webinars have attracted over 1,600 participants; and their national media coverage has more than doubled. Together, they mobilised the collective firepower of their 50-strong team to take on the many challenges facing retail. The industry may be undergoing a period of unprecedented transformation, but under Helen’s leadership they continue to adapt in order to shape a better future for their members and the customers they serve.

Chartered Institute of Environmental Health – Anne Godfrey

CIEH has recently gone through a period of much needed transformational change. We had been slow to react to the twin impacts of the recession and austerity on our practitioners and our organisation. By failing to update our membership model, learning pathways and governance we had seen a ten-year decline in membership numbers and twelve years of significant financial losses. We are now two and a half years into a three-year strategy which has rescued CIEH from insolvency and ensured the future of the professional body. Key to the creation and delivery of this strategy was the arrival of Anne Godfrey as Chief Executive.

National Landlords Association – Richard Lambert

Richard Lambert has been the CEO of the National Landlords Association (NLA) since October 2011. Shortly after he started, Richard introduced the first corporate strategy to increase the professionalisation of the NLA. This led to a 50 percent increase in membership and an increase in revenue of 30 percent over five years. In early 2018, the NLA was restructured to create a more member-centric and collaborative organisation. The restructure involved moving from seven function-based departments to a more integrated directorate structure. Member engagement is a key driver for Richard, and was one of the main reasons for the restructure. Alongside a 6.1 percent increase in membership to cement the NLA’s position as the largest landlord association in the UK, results of the member engagement survey, conducted in October and November, demonstrate the favourable light in which NLA members see the organisation.

The Royal College of General Practitioners – Valerie Vaughan-Dick

Valerie Vaughan-Dick was appointed as Chief Operating Officer of the Royal College of General Practitioners in November 2017. Prior to this, she was the RCGP Executive Director of Planning and Resources for two years and has had a long career in senior roles in civil service, the National Audit Office and the public sector. Valerie is a leader by example who strongly reflects the purpose and values of RCGP which is to raise the standard of patient care by supporting GP Training and Education. She is an enthusiastic supporter of new ideas, learning and discovery of innovative ways to improve services for its membership, the profession and the College workforce. She is the leading figure and at the forefront of the College’s Culture Change Transformation Programme, playing a central role in helping the College to engage more openly with others and to spotlight successes. Valerie has helped to enhance the College’s international profile and work to champion general practice and primary care globally and works in partnership with the RCGP Leadership Team to achieve this. Her ‘drive and passion’ is to make the organisation the very best it can be for staff, members and patients across the UK and globally.