OVERALL BEST ASSOCIATION (over 1,000 members)

Association for Project Management 

Association for Project Management (APM) is the largest professional body of its kind in Europe, with over 29,000 members and over 500 organisations in the Corporate Partnership programme; it’s also the chartered body for the project profession. As such, APM is committed to promoting the value of project management in delivering improved project outcomes for societal benefit. Not content with becoming the only chartered body for the project profession in April 2017, APM used its new status to grow in size and influence. With an ambitious timeframe for creating a chartered standard for the profession, it launched the Register of Chartered Project Professionals the following spring. In May 2018, the register opened with the aim of receiving 350 applications in the first year; by the end of March 2019, 495 Chartered Project Professionals (ChPP) were registered, with 768 applications for ChPP status having been made. In August 2018, APM welcomed a new CEO, Debbie Dore. With a reinvigorated management team and revised structure, Debbie maintained the momentum in what has been one of the most successful years in APM’s history.

British Damage Management Association 

The British Damage Management Association (BDMA) is the certifying body for damage management professionals, setting standards and providing training and accreditation for practitioners and others across the wider insurance industry. It currently has 2,300 UK-based corporate and individual members, and nearly 1,000 of those are accredited insurers, adjusters and brokers. The BDMA’s goal is to drive high industry standards and advocate best practice for practitioners to provide environmentally sound and superior consumer solutions. The association aims to be a focal point for communication, training, standards, transparency and professionalism within the industry. The BDMA is a not-for-profit organisation, with its Executive Committee made up of volunteers who work tirelessly for the BDMA alongside their day jobs within the wider insurance industry. The formation of the BDMA marked the milestone to begin taking action to represent the interests of these practitioners, facilitating training, technical support, providing advice on standards and representing members’ interest in the public, industry and commercial domains. The association has gone from strength to strength, with the drive from its Executive Committee and industry stakeholders to position itself as the industry’s association body of choice in the minds of UK damage management companies, insurers, loss adjusters and other stakeholders.

Chartered Institute of Environmental Health

Like many professional bodies CIEH has recently gone through a period of much needed transformation. We were slow to react to the twin impacts of the recession and austerity on our practitioners and organisation. By failing to update our membership model, learning pathways and governance we saw a ten-year decline in membership numbers and twelve years of significant losses. We are now two and a half years into a three-year strategy which has rescued CIEH from insolvency and ensured the future of the professional body. The last 18 months was the year where all of the hard work, and pain, bore fruit and delivered real growth based on activities that were core to our purpose.

Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals

In January 2019, the CIPP was forecast to achieve loss against budgeted income for the financial year, which runs from 1 July-30 June. As a direct result of the teams coming together, changed processes and the new membership campaign, we have turned this around and achieved the budgeted income target, and a 12% membership growth. The CIPP leadership team had a close eye on performance and regular communications with employees at all levels which has led to us:

  • Achieving budgeted income, despite forecasting a loss six months into our financial year
  • Raising the professional standing of our members and payroll overall through the success of the Be Payroll campaign
  • Achieving growth in all areas of our business, including a 12% membership growth
  • Having engaged and active members providing us with valuable feedback and ideas for new products and services to ensure that we are meeting their changing needs

National Association of Funeral Directors 

The NAFD is recognised as the voice of the UK funeral profession, representing 4,100 funeral homes and it has one overarching objective: to help funeral directors care for bereaved families. The NAFD team might be small, but it punches well above its weight. For example:

-responding to numerous government consultations, campaigning for change and securing meetings with ministers in the Department of Health, DWP and officials from HM Treasury.
-representing the profession at a wide variety of events and provides information/support to the public.
-organising the biennial National Funeral Exhibition which brings the UK and international funeral profession together.
-overseeing the Diploma in Funeral Directing and Diploma in Funeral Arranging/Administration, which are quality approved by the Open College Network. Almost 1,000 students have studied for an NAFD Diploma since 2012.
-securing regular coverage in all major national print, broadcast and online titles and regularly fielding funeral directors to act as expert witnesses in response to breaking news.
-pioneering the use of independent/authoritative data to understand consumer views about funerals – commissioning YouGov to undertake extensive surveys in 2016 and 2018.
-inspecting more than 2,000 funeral homes each year to ensure they are abiding by the NAFD’s Code of Practice.

National Landlords Association

The National Landlords Association (NLA) is the UK’s leading organisation for private residential landlords, with 41,000 landlord members, ranging from full-time landlords with large property portfolios to those with just a single letting. NLA membership helps landlords make a success of their lettings business by providing a wide range of information, advice and services. The NLA campaigns for the legitimate interests of landlords by seeking to influence decision-makers at all levels of government and by making landlords’ collective voice heard in the media. It seeks to raise standards in the private rented sector (PRS), while aiming to ensure that landlords are aware of their statutory rights and responsibilities.

The NLA has grown its membership base over the last year and changed its way of working to become more member-centric. In the NLA Member Satisfaction Survey, completed in November 2018, 91 percent of members were satisfied with their membership and 92 percent said it was good value for money, including 47 percent who said it was very good value. Meanwhile, 96 percent of members said they were likely to renew their membership.