Association for Project Management (APM) – APM and Studio Texture for Make Change Happen

Association for Project Management (APM) is the largest professional body of its kind in Europe, with over 30,000 individual members and more than 500 organisations participating in its Corporate Partnership programme; it’s also the chartered body for the project profession. As such, APM partnered with Studio Texture to promote the value of project management in delivering improved project outcomes for societal benefit. ‘Make Change Happen’ launched on 7 January 2019 and ran initially for eight weeks. Launching just after the new year meant a wider audience could be reached, many of whom would be searching for new roles and new careers – those who in 2019 want to ‘Make Change Happen’ in their own lives and the lives of others, through project management. The huge success of the campaign resulted in 78% of the target audience saying they were likely to explore project management training opportunities as a result, with 88% now considering project management as a career choice. These results couldn’t have been achieved without the close working relationship with Studio Texture – which lead to a solid platform to build the future talent pipeline of project professionals looking to ‘Make Change Happen’ in the world.

British Dietetic Association – British Dietetic Association and Alpro for One Blue Dot

Environmental issues are big news – it’s the Blue Planet effect! The British Dietetic Association (BDA) partnered with Alpro to develop a toolkit to help members lead discussions on how food behaviours can affect health – and the environment. The partnership started in early 2018 and a shared goal was agreed, which rooted the project and helped both partners overcome challenges. Beyond a financial contribution, the partnership brought support to the BDA from across the Alpro business: insight development, content creation and knowledge of environmental science. The ‘Environmentally Sustainable Diets toolkit’ was launched in November 2018. It comprised a suite of resources to hero healthy eating via a healthy planet message. A new brand identity was developed which worked as a call to action for dietitians – ‘One Blue Dot’ referencing the earth as it is seen from space. The toolkit launch exceeded the agreed KPIs for the project and generated excellent member feedback. The BDA believe the expertise from Alpro elevated this project from other BDA resource launches. A global issue like climate change needs a global solution, and by working with a well-known global brand, the BDA’s leadership role has been demonstrated to other international associations.

British Pest Control Association – Crop Protection Association and eBay

The British Pest Control Association (BPCA), Crop Protection Association, and eBay have worked together to help stop unauthorised pesticides sales happening online. After several meetings, it’s now clear that all three organisations are working towards the same goal – to protect non-target species from the misuse of professional use rodenticides, and to keep all professional pesticides in the hands of adequately trained and certificated professionals. Since the meetings, eBay has clarified its policies for the sale of pesticides, meaning that now only authorised eBay shops may sell pesticides. Person-to-person sale of pesticides is now prohibited. eBay shops will continue to be allowed to sell pesticides, assuming they meet eBay’s policies and UK law, including CRRU Stewardship requirements. We’ve never wanted to stop people selling professional rodenticides online, we just want them to be doing it responsibly, legally and to only qualified and certificated professionals. As an industry, we are concerned about the sale of professional products to amateur users online. This is why we are working with eBay and other internet companies to close any loopholes and ensure that professional products are only sold to individuals who ensure that the end-user holds the relevant specified certificate(s).

CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) – CIPD and The Careers and Enterprise Company for the Enterprise Adviser programme

CIPD and The Careers & Enterprise Company (CEC) have partnered to bridge the gap between employment and education. The Education and Employers charity reports young people who are exposed to four or more meaningful encounters with an employer while at school are 86% less likely to become NEET (not in education, employment or training) and earn, on average, 16% more than peers who recall no such encounters. CIPD works with CEC to promote the Enterprise Adviser (EA) opportunity to senior level HR professionals. Volunteer EAs work with schools across England to shape their careers education strategy. Since 2016, CIPD has recruited 968 volunteer EAs from the HR profession, positively impacting over 300,000 young people. EAs offer strategic support to school leadership teams to strengthen their provision of aspirational careers education. Young people (years 7-13) in schools and colleges benefit through facilitated employer encounters and better co-ordinated work experience. Using existing local networks and industry contacts, EAs create closer links between schools and employers to inspire the next generation. Through CIPD’s networks more employers have engaged with the programme, helping to bring to life the world of work for the next generation, as well as making their own workplaces more accessible.

German Beauty and Homecare Association – German Ministry of Commerce, Euromonitor, Chambers of Commerce, Association of German Trade Fairs, IKW member Companies

IKW decided to push beauty and homecare industry growth by building up an IKW-Export-Programe with key partners and with five project segments building on each other:

– presentation of key export markets on SME-conferences by member companies and market data of German Trade And Invest
– use of worldwide market data provided by Euromonitor
– participation in international trade fairs on German Pavilions supported by the German Ministry of Commerce and the German Association of Trade Fairs
– take part at individually organised business trips supported by German minsitry of Commerce and the local chambers of commerce
– Finally free sales certificates for foreign markets issued by IKW

Key partners:
1 German Minsitry of Commerce
2 German Trade and Invest
4 Euromonitor
5 Chambers of Commerce
6 experienced IKW member companies

I) A worldwide network of export projects has been built up
II) Export sales grown to nearly 10 billion € in 2018 with a growth of +3,1% each year
III) IKW received great member feedback
V) IKW with great assotiation development (+30 members in last 3 years) and nearly maximum member satisfaction rating
V) Key partners more than happy

ICSA: The Governance Institute and the National Governance Association – Professionalising School and Trust Governance

The National Governance Association (NGA) and ICSA: The Governance Institute (ICSA) are collaborating on a professional educational initiative to raise the standard and recognition of clerking to school and academy trust boards. We are doing this through delivery of NGA’s Development for Clerks programme which leads to an ICSA-accredited Level 3 qualification – currently the only award of its kind linked to the national qualifying framework. This project helps to deliver our shared mission to professionalise the evolving practice of school and trust governance, and develop governance professionals to deliver it. The early indications from the first cohort to qualify are encouraging and it has potential to become part of a recognised career route as the profile of the clerk grows and more governance management and leadership roles are created. Building a pipeline of qualified clerks and governance professionals also provides wider societal benefit by improving the effectiveness of school and trust boards and therefore outcomes for children. We are passionate about this project and are actively building on its early success, with more enrollments and plans to extend our partnership.

Law Society of Scotland – Strategic Partnership between Law Society of Scotland and Amiqus

The strategic partnership between Law Society of Scotland and Amiqus provides an essential part of the organisation’s service and support to members in relation to anti-money laundering compliance. The collaboration has delivered insight, support, guidance and accessible solutions for Scottish solicitors, helping firms fulfil their obligations to remain compliant. The Society’s alliance with a growing technology company is also part of the organisation’s wider approach through our LawscotTech programme to keeping Scottish law firms ahead of the curve. Find out more:

Numark – Croner

Tackling the external and internal challenges a pharmacist faces, and making their working lives easier, is the fundamental purpose of Croner’s partnership with Numark. Just over three years ago, Numark chose Croner as their partner to assist members with workplace matters, predominantly geared around HR, employment law, and health & safety. To date, the partnership has benefit hundreds of people and their pharmacy businesses. The work of a pharmacist and the wider industry is vital, so by offering this resource, the time-consuming restraints of running a business are lessened, allowing members more time to concentrate on what they do best. This, in turn, contributes to Numark’s wider objectives as an organisation, acting as a pharmacist’s “virtual head office”. Numark help their members with many aspects of their roles, allowing them to grow their business and sustain their work. The resources provided via the Croner and Numark relationship not only benefit members, but also contribute to Numark’s key objectives.