Anxiety UK – Anxious Times

Anxious Times is published by the national charity Anxiety UK, which launched in 1980, originally as a newsletter, ten years after the charity was founded in 1970. Its target audience is members of the charity, living with anxiety, stress or anxiety-based depression; as well as healthcare professionals and researchers working in mental health.

The primary objectives are to:

• Provide an effective, low-cost channel to communicate with members;
• Support members to live well with anxiety by providing advice & information;
• Reduce feelings of isolation that can be connected to living with mental health conditions;
• Give a voice to people affected by mental health conditions; • Encourage people to talk about mental health through sharing first-person stories;
• Promote Anxiety UK services & products;
• Reflect a consumer magazine in terms of visual content and design.

Anxious Times exists as a vital communications tool for the charity – to convey news, promote association services, impart expert advice and foster a sense of belonging, so that members feel part of a community With anxiety can come feelings of isolation, so the latter aim is very important; in fact many have said that the magazine is a ‘lifeline’ for them.

British Agricultural and Garden Machinery Association – BAGMA Briefing

The BAGMA Briefing acts as the leading e-newsletter for members in the agricultural and garden machinery industry. We’ve represented dealers in the both sectors for over 100 years, and with over 800 members in our association, it’s been imperative that we communicate important information that impacts the industry and our members regardless of their sector, in a concise & educational way. Since its inception in 2016, the BAGMA Briefing has acted as an invaluable source of advice, support, savings and service information. It ensures our members are well informed on the latest matters of legislation and compliance that may affect their businesses. The Briefing contains a maximum of six main feature with these being useful resources such as articles, case studies, webinars and surveys amongst others – all with a focus on making agricultural and garden machinery dealers stronger and better informed. It has become our biggest and most effective digital communication, providing BAGMA members with useful and insightful content, that they can access at a time suitable to them. In what is such an underrepresented industry, the Briefing puts BAGMA members at the front and centre, ensuring they’re as strong as possible.

British Coatings Federation – BCF Annual Handbook & Membership Directory

BCF’s Annual Handbook and Membership Directory is the flagship publication for the federation aiming to report to members on the progress made in key areas that are at the heart of the Association’s remit; Promote the value of the paints, printing inks and wallcoverings sectors to wider audiences including government, stakeholders, and the public; Promote the membership through a comprehensive directory. The publication is produced in house by BCF’s Head of Marketing with all sales done by BCF’s Head of Membership. Content is written by BCF’s in house marketing team of three along with contributions from senior staff reporting on highlights of their work over the year.

The publication demonstrates

– The power of first-class editorial content and stunning imagery to bring the messages of a trade association to life to engage with its members and promote the sector to wider audiences
– Excellent value for money with minimal production costs achieved by utilising the talents of the internal team which resulted in a significant commercial opportunity for a small trade association
– The use of modern digital publishing tools to revamp content

British Dietetic Association  – Members Monthly Ezine

Our ezine has developed significantly over the past 12 months, with wider staff engagement and submission of content as a result of our innovative ‘survey monkey’ content process. We have significantly increased member open, click throughs and overall member value of the ezine, and vitally, generated an increase to over £15,000 annual income. When asked ‘What should the BDA continue doing?’ in our 2018 Member Survey, many members told us that the e-zines were highly valued and we must carry on updating them in this way. Comments included ‘monthly emails as they have been very useful’ and ‘e-news is fantastic’.

Institute of Leadership & Management – The Institute of Leadership & Management’s Podcast

Our mission is to inspire great leadership, everywhere; the podcast is the channel that enables us to communicate with everyone who engages or is interested in leadership, anywhere in the world, in any context. It demonstrates the importance of great leadership is in all sectors, industries and countries and offers advice on how to navigate the practice, of leadership with authenticity and integrity. Leadership at its heart is about conversations between people and the podcast helps us convey how important conversations about, and between, leaders are. The podcast adds to our cutting-edge, high-quality evidence-based and engaging learning resources and programmes which break the mould; we integrate human conversation into our Memcom award-winning core digital products and services as part of our innovative approach to leadership development. Our expertise enables us to shape leadership thinking and influence the practice of leadership. We are a partner of the prestigious Drucker Forum and frequently provide comment in high-profile outlets such as The Guardian, The Times, BBC, HR Director and Management Today on key leadership and management issues and trends. The podcast is an important channel for communicating this commentary to a broader audience.

National Landlords Association – UK Landlord and In Focus

The National Landlords Association (NLA) produces two monthly e-newsletters: UK Landlord, which goes to NLA members, and In Focus, which is sent to non-members who have opted to receive our e-newsletter.

Both e-newsletters contain a variety of stories. For instance in UK Landlord, there is an update of what the NLA are doing as an organisation and our lobbying work (NLA in action), a story focusing on one of our members and their triumphs / relatable hardships, one on current legislation to ensure our members are acting lawfully, one about development opportunities, and one sharing tips / how to guides for landlords. In Focus includes NLA in action and a selection of relevant and timely topics, such as current legislation and how to guides.

In a recent membership engagement survey, 89 percent of respondents said they read the e-newsletter regularly, and 97 percent said they were satisfied with it. Ninety-three percent of respondents said the NLA keeps them up-to-date with the latest developments in the private rented sector and 72 percent said they receive the right amount of contact from us.