The deadline has passed but we are accepting late entrants in certain categories – do get in touch if you haven’t before to see if we can accommodate your late submission.

The price per entry £195 +VAT. 

Best Advancement of a Cause

Here is where to talk about your crusading work – tell us what you have achieved and the benefits for your members and beyond

Best Association Magazine

Awarded to the best print magazine published by an association, to win this category you will need to demonstrate innovation and creativity. Positive client feedback and an increase in circulation will also score highly!

Best Association Newsletter, Blog or (Online & Offline) Publication

No easy task to deliver content that your membership welcome and engage with – tell us how you conceived, planned and delivered on your objectives. Awarded to the best newsletter, blog or publication published by an association with results to prove positive readership engagement.

Best Association Partnership or Collaboration

This award is given to an outstanding partnership or collaboration which has enabled an association to deliver more than they could on their own.

Best Association Awards

Demonstrate innovation, success and creativity in your approach and illustrate how the awards has helped further advance the aims of your association.

Best New Association Conference or Event

This award is given to the most successful new association conference or event, judges will be looking for experience; financial success; effectiveness of marketing; and stakeholder satisfaction.

Best Development of an Existing Association Event

How have you moved your event on to better meet the needs of your clients? Tell us what you learnt from the past, what changes you put in place and how they made a difference.

Best Longstanding  Association Event

This award is given to an association conference or event that has been running successfully for over 5 years.  Judges will be looking for experience, continuing financial success, marketing effectiveness and stakeholder satisfaction.

Best Campaign for Engaging New Members & Audiences

New members or new categories of membership can provide fresh vision and impetus for an association.  Tell us how your campaign captured the attention of new audiences and/or ignited interest in the products / services your members provide.

Best Learning and Professional Development Programme

This could be open courses, online learning, bespoke development programmes, certification courses or a combination of them all or other initiatives. Education and re-education is a major reason why associations are so vital to their industries.  Show here how you have embraced this educational mandate and delivered on it to the benefit of your members.

Best Membership Initiative by an Association

Membership is the life-blood of any association and achieving your aims and ambitions can only happen if you nurture, sustain and extend your reach. Demonstrate any successful initiatives you have undertaken to achieve this.

Best PR or Lobbying Campaign

This could be an awareness campaign to drive change around one particular issue, or one designed to change broad perceptions amongst the regulators/political classes or consumers or both or simply a great PR story that your industry welcomed and benefited from – tell us how you conceived, planned and executed the campaign and the results.

Best CSR Initiative

CSR takes up an increasing amount of time as a core responsibility with an associations remit – there is some great work being done in this sphere – some of which is coming to fruition now after a long time in planning so here is your chance to boast about your recent successes.

Most Innovative Development

Sometimes a small simple idea can change the way people work for the better – not just in one company but across an industry. Have you challenged perceived industry norms or tied and tested new approaches which have delivered successes?

Best Association Team

Are you part of an outstanding team? Do you think the skill and dedication of your team members should be recognised? If so, then enter this category.

Excellence in Diversity and Equality Award

A chance to show why your Association is an excellent place for ALL to work.

Best Association Leadership

Communicating an exciting vision for the association, mapping a clear path for its future and engaging the workforce to deliver this effectively will score highly with the judges.

Overall Best Association

This award will be given to the Association that shows excellence in all areas of its remit. Judges will look for a clear strategy, workforce and member engagement, a proven track record and excellence in management.



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