Why Enter

What are the benefits of entering The Association Excellence Awards?

The Association Excellence Awards recognise excellence and exceptional quality offered at trade and professional associations. By entering these awards you will:

  • Bring increased credibility to your association
  • Elevate the profile of your association through extensive marketing and branding
  • Inspire your employees and gain recognition for your team
  • Strengthen your public profile


The Association Excellence Awards are important because they recognise best practice, excellence and innovation in professional associations. They enable associations to benchmark their performance and meet and exceed best practice.
Richard Wilson, CEO, TIGA

Thanks for sending this through – we are all very pleased to have been given the award. It is testament to everyone’s hard effort in refreshing Project journal.
Dayner Proudfoot  – APM

Thanks for this – we had a great time on Friday, it was a fabulous event in a beautiful location
Joanna Marsh – Redactive

Thank you for your kind words and again for your support. It was very nice to meet you and we spent a very good afternoon at the ceremony: the Sons of Pitches were truly amazing and the lunch absolutely delicious. There was a nice atmosphere, congratulations on organising such a great networking event. Thank you for the Winner logo and the judges’ feedback that we’ll definitely use wherever relevant.
Nathalie Hasler – UICC

It was an excellent event and a pleasure to be involved
Joanne Lawrence – Association of British Neurologists

We really enjoyed ourselves and the win just capped it off.
Trudi Elliot – RTPI


If you need help with your entry or require any clarification, please contact Sian Jones on 020 8788 3710 or via email michelle@globalconferencenetwork.co.uk



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